2024 Legislative Agenda

Gender Justice’s mission is to advance gender equity through the law. One way we do this is by advocating for impactful legislation. Here’s what we are working towards this year.

Fortify Protections for Gender
and Reproductive Freedom

Equal Rights Amendment

The Minnesota Equal Rights Amendment would guarantee every Minnesotan the same rights under the law.

It would offer everyone the strongest possible protections against discrimination by the state based on race, color, national origin, ancestry, disability, or sex — including pregnancy decisions, gender identity or gender expression, or sexual orientation.

Bill Numbers: SF 37 / HF 173
Chief Authors:
Sen. Mary Kunesh, Rep. Kaohly Her

Remove the Roadblocks to
Affordable and Accessible Abortion Care

Mandate Insurance Coverage for Abortion

Requires private health insurance plans in Minnesota to cover abortion care.

Currently, abortion care is covered in Minnesota’s public health care programs, but carved out of many insurance plans and all MNsure plans. To ensure equitable access, abortion care needs to be treated like other essential health care.

Bill Numbers: SF 3967 / HF 4053
Chief Authors:
Sen. Alice Mann, Rep. Zack Stephenson

Funding for abortion clinics

We need a sustainable abortion provider ecosystem in Minnesota to not only address the needs of Minnesotans, but also the influx of patients we have seen as a result of the national attacks on abortion access.

The majority of patients served by clinics that provide abortion care are covered by Medical Assistance/Medicaid and Medicaid. Reimbursements that clinics receive for appointments do not cover the full cost of abortion care, making it challenging for clinics to keep their doors open.

This has contributed to clinic closures, lack of access, and longer wait times. Sustainable funding is needed to help ensure that clinics can stay open and that Minnesotans and people traveling from out of state can continue to receive timely care.

Promote Healthy Families and
Advance Reproductive Justice

Ban on pelvic and breast exams on unconscious patients without consent

Bans medical providers from performing pelvic or breast exams on unconscious patients, a practice used in medical training, without the patient’s prior consent.

Bill Numbers: SF 3873
Chief Authors:
Sen. Erin Murphy

Uniform Parentage Act

Update Minnesota’s parenting laws to treat LGBTQ+ families equitably, specifically around recognizing both same-sex parents as birth parents on legal documentation.

Bill Numbers: SF 3504 / HF 3567
Chief Authors:
Sen. Erin Maye Quade, Rep. Athena Hollins

Minnesota Building Families Act

This bill requires all health insurance plans that provide maternity benefits to include comprehensive coverage for fertility treatments.

The bill would help ensure more equitable access to fertility treatments across income level, relationship status, and reason for infertility.

Bill Numbers: SF 1704 / HF 1658
Chief Authors: Sen. Erin Maye Quade, Rep. Jeff Brand

Insurance coverage for vasectomies and over the counter (OTC) contraceptives

These bills require health insurers to cover vasectomies and over the counter (OTC) contraceptives. New methods of over the counter birth control are designed to lessen the burden on patients and ensure access, but these methods could remain out of reach if we don’t tell insurers to cover them. Current statute requires coverage of other birth control pills and methods, as well as tubal ligation, but not condoms and vasectomies. It is essential that all forms of contraceptives be covered, regardless of type or the gender of who needs them.

Bill Numbers (OTC Contraceptives): SF4232 / HF 4313
Chief Authors: Sen. Lindsey Port, Rep. Athena Hollins

Bill Numbers (Vasectomies): HF 4211 / SF4089
Chief Authors: Sen. Alice Mann, Rep. Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger

Insurance coverage for gender affirming care

The Gender Affirming Care Act would codify the current practice of the Minnesota Departments of Commerce and Health, which have been in place since 2015, increasing predictability for insurers, consumers, and providers. It adds a definition of Gender Affirming Care in line with medical best practices, to provide clarity and security for patients and providers, and ensure that legislators and insurers don’t get between patients and their care team.

Bill Numbers: SF 2209 / HF 2607
Chief Authors: Sen. Scott Dibble, Rep. Leigh Finke

Statewide health education standards

Health education standards are the only required academic standard not set at the state level. By setting standards across the state, we would ensure all students get access to education on a wide range of important health topics that may include information on CPR, substance use prevention, sexual health education, mental health, and violence prevention.

Bill Numbers: SF 3746 / HF 3682
Chief Authors: Sen. Mary Kunesh, Rep. Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn

Nonprofit grant funding to support LGBTQ people relocating

Funding to support LGBTQ people and families moving to Minnesota from states with anti-LGBTQ laws.

Bill Numbers: SF 3502 / HF 3386
Chief Authors: Sen. Erin Maye Quade, Rep. Leigh Finke

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